MV Portfolio

3.3/6.6/11kVVCB Panels till 40kA

22/33 kV Indoor VCB Panels

22/33 kV Outdoor VCB Panels

11/22/33 kV Compact Substations

3.3/11 kV HT Motors VCU Panels

3.3/11 kV HT APFC Panels

LV Portfolio

PCC Panels till 6300Amps

Intelligent MCC/PCCPanels

MCC Panels (Fixed/Draw out Type)

APFC Panels

VFD Panels

Soft Starter Panels


Renewable energy

Any sustainable energy source that comes from natural environment.

It comes perpetually and is abundant in the enviroment

Ready to be harnessed, inexhaustible

It is a clean alternative to fossil fuels

Energy that is derived from natural process that are replenished constantly


Trisquare have been successfully manfacturing Wires which are critical link for transmission & distribution of Electric Power for Industries, Homes, Offices and Commercial Establishments. We at TRISQUARE are proud to hold our heads high as we have earned the credibility and loyalty of our customers which is only because of our commitment to cater quality products that ensure safety and longevity.


Modular switches & led

TRISQUARE is instrumental in designing and manufacturing switch structures for our clients that varied requirements of Engineering industries. Our switchyards are running successfully in diversified applications.